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Export cross points (intersection) from lines

Dear Sir:
I have several cross line to intersect with my survey area
Now, I would like to export those points who intersect between lines
In Path Profile I can see those cross point. Is it possible to export(Save) by automatically ? 
It is a large work to pick those by manual.
Thank for you help!



  • Thanks God!
    I find the way out!

    The Procedure as follows:
    1.To Draw a cross-line by "create line feature"(be sure intersected with survey lines)
    2.Select cross line and survey lines who intersected
    3.Right-Click "Search" --> "Insert Vertices and/or Split at intersection of Selected Features"
    4.The "Insert and Split Options" Box will pop-up, In this case I choose "Insert Vertices At Intersections Only".
    5.Then you can Export the Cross-Line layer or Click the line Information to save Vertices. 

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