Hi, if i change orthophoto in photoshop (hide  cars on the road), how can i change it back to geo referenced again?


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    You need related files that define the georeferencing, since Photoshop will strip the data from a GeoTIFF (for example).  So, if you do not have global and projection files, load your georeferenced image into Global Mapper and export to include these files (you may be able to export the reference files without exporting the image: check the options during export). 

    Ensure that you have a copy of your original georeferenced image for a backup.  Edit your image in Photoshop, and ensure that you do not change the pixel dimensions or orientation of the image, since that is how the reference files are defined. 

    We also assume that the names of the reference files are the same as the image to be loaded.  You may need to change filenames depending upon which of your copies is being edited. 

    Once you have reloaded your modified orthophoto, you can export it to a georeferenced file.  This would be a third copy of your image. 

    There is an add-on program for Photoshop that preserves georeferencing.  It costs as much as Photoshop, from what I have seen. 

    There are also free utility programs that will add georeferencing data to an image. 
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