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edited December 2016 in Global Mapper Forum Website
Note that each forum page has a title at the top, and may have one or more descriptive text lines.   Some have none, typically one.
The first ad (SMC Synergy) appears to the right.  As more descriptive text lines appear, you may see the google adchoices line appear.
The Discussions list has many descriptive text lines and you can see PART of the EngeSat ad. 

Looks like it would be better to ensure that all ads are displayed on all forum lists. 
As I type this, the google adchoices line and the EngeSat ad appear between the title and SMC Synergy ad. 
That is certainly one way to get it done (they don't HAVE to be arranged down the right side). 

As I look at my posted comments, the ads are overlaid on the post, all on the right margin.  So it seems that the list-of-posts on each forum page is being displayed on top of the ads.  So I wonder if that can be changed to overlay the ads on the forum listing pages. 

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