Help regarding exporting point features with attribute.

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Hello GM Forum,
First of all I am new to Global Mapper and I am learning to export KMZ file for few point features. My requirement is to create a KMZ file with points with their ID displayed. I will be using this KMZ file in OruxMaps. Thanks to forum, I have gone through posts and learnt a little regarding GMS.
My question is how to link it with global Mapper .exe? "You can run a Global Mapper script file automatically by passing it on the command line to the Global Mapper .exe file"-how to do it???



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    Using the Windows command line (cmd.exe), type in a command similar to this:
    > "C:\Program Files\GlobalMapper18_64bit\global_mapper.exe" "c:\scripts\myscript.gms"
    You can get more information on scripting from our recorded webinar.

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