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I have LiDAR mapping that clearly shows buildings in an urban area.  How can I use GM to automatically draw polygons to represent the buildings/structures from the LiDAR?


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    Hi, I'm running the process as you have listed above on an unclassified data set. Running the ground points classification first it shows all of what I know are buildings as ground points. When I auto classify not ground points (buildings/trees) it still have them as ground points despite them being very different in elevations. Running a profile path across them clearly shows them as buildings but the classify non ground points function is not identifying them as buildings.
    Any advice?


  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 1,970

    You need the LiDAR toolbar to enable the automatic classification and extraction functions in Global Mapper.   Using the LiDAR toolbar you would:
    1. Automatically classify your ground points.
    2. Automatically classify non-ground points (buildings)
    3. Extract vector features (building footprints)
    You can watch a recorded webinar that describes LiDAR classification in Global Mapper.  It uses an older version of Global Mapper, but the concepts are still the same.

  • NatsNats Posts: 22
    As bob said  GM is not auto classifying all the building  for drawing the building polygons.in Flat areas it works well  and if terrain in undulating it still lags to identify the buildings.
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