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I have LiDAR mapping that clearly shows buildings in an urban area.  How can I use GM to automatically draw polygons to represent the buildings/structures from the LiDAR?


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    Hi, I'm running the process as you have listed above on an unclassified data set. Running the ground points classification first it shows all of what I know are buildings as ground points. When I auto classify not ground points (buildings/trees) it still have them as ground points despite them being very different in elevations. Running a profile path across them clearly shows them as buildings but the classify non ground points function is not identifying them as buildings.
    Any advice?


  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 1,724

    You need the LiDAR toolbar to enable the automatic classification and extraction functions in Global Mapper.   Using the LiDAR toolbar you would:
    1. Automatically classify your ground points.
    2. Automatically classify non-ground points (buildings)
    3. Extract vector features (building footprints)
    You can watch a recorded webinar that describes LiDAR classification in Global Mapper.  It uses an older version of Global Mapper, but the concepts are still the same.

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