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SHX information and IMG Raster information -Combining information

My town has been recently mapped and LIDAR is available in the form of IMG files (Raster data).
These contain the contours of the terrain and can be easily used (I am new to Global Mapper, but I can do this ) to create topo lines which can be exported to AutoCAD.
The property lines and parcel boundaries are available in separate  SHX files (shape files) that can be easily read by Global Mapper as a flat surface below the topography. 
(a) Is there a clear and concise explanation - written or utube - that shows how to project the property lines into the 3-D terrain above so it reads as you "fly" over it.  
(b) Is there similar explanation for how to edit those shape files and move or adjust the property lines as we are planning changes to the parcels.
(c) Is there a way to (1) bring in aerial photos from google earth and (2) reflect that photo image onto the 3-D terrain above? 
Any clear existing description from u-tube or elsewhere would be perfect.   Is all of this possible?    Thanks so much...


  • If anyone has answer....
  • geomannie
    geomannie Global Mapper User Trusted User
    Hi Bill_B

    You are asking a number of questions at once and you are not being fully clear.

    If your LIDAR data are a raster image, then I am not sure how you are exporting topo lines (vector?) to AutoCAD. You might be better to import elevation data as an XYZ elevation model (e.g. SRTM or ASTER data) and then generate contour lines. If you have an elevation model loaded, then the Shapefile (SHP, not SHX) should overlay the surface correctly.

    For editing the Shapefile lines look at the Help File and then Digitizer Tool.

    For Google images, please find attached a zipped XML file. Unzip this, go to "Connect to Online Data" and choose "Add sources from file". Select the XML.

    I hope this helps at least partially.
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