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Export Surface to KMZ

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I am trying to export a surface view to a KMZ, have tried both raster & vector, but having trouble getting it to show the correct elevation.  I imported the surface to GM15.2 from a LandXML file (from Civil3D).  I Generated a Triangulated Elevation Grid.   This example is a fill area I am trying to show in Google Earth.  They show up, just without the correct elevations.


  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer

    When exporting to KML/KMZ raster, Global Mapper exports a raster image that gets draped on the surface in Google Earth.  It is not an elevation grid, per se.  KML does not support an actual elevation grid.

  • deermap
    deermap Global Mapper User Trusted User

    Thank you for the response.  I am not exporting a raster, I am exporting a vector.  My original source is a Civil3D surface model, which I've opened in GM using LandXML.  GM does a good job in the 3D View but the aerials I have available don't show what I need.  The area for this project has the 3D trees which helps present this task the best.

    I am doing just a simple fill (mound), I can do surface triangles (3d), a 3d grid, 3d contours, about anything, I was hoping GM would be able to help me somehow display this in Google Earth?