New discussion on V18 pricing strategy

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Linking with to pwave1, and in particular "Thus, in the past I have had the opportunity to have the software licensed on two computers which has worked".

 I am a small (very small) consultant with two professionals and two admin employees.

As we have to work some 12-16 hours per day, it is just impossible to get everything done at the office, during daytime hours. We have bought two licences, and in the past it was possible for the two professionals to work also at home on our laptops.

When I was informed by our local re-seller in South Africa that, when upgrading to V18, I would need 4 licences or two roaming licences to do the same, I realised that we are just not able to afford upgrades for GM any more. This is very sad, as I have been a very loyal and contributing user ever since GM5! Some of the features built into the later versions of GM were implemented based on my inputs/requests.

Should I not be able to use my licence on my desktop and laptop (never simultaneously) as before, there is no way that I can afford to upgrade to V18 and beyond. This is a very state of affairs for me, as I regard GM as the best possible tool for my purposes. I would hate it to say goodbye, but you leave me no choice with your new licence conditions.

Please reconsider!!

Kind regards.
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