Global Mapper v24.0

Projection Conversion not working

JoeK Global Mapper User

I'm trying to convert some data from an "ALBERS Conic NAD83 CSRS (British Columbia)" projection to a "UTM Zone 10" projection.

While the conversion takes place, the resulting coordinates in the UTM projection are nowhere near to where they are supposed to be.  In fact, the data seems to disappear and the resulting screen coordinates on the screen range from (-10000,-10000) to (10000,10000).

I checked the ALBERS coordinates of the original file by keying in our control translated from UTM to Albers, and our control points land correctly in the Albers system.

I'm scratching my head as to what the problem could be, as I've not had conversion problems before.

I tried to convert the same file to Geographic coordinates, and I also receive incorrect values.  Rather than the Lat120Deg & Dep56Deg I should receive, I get Lat11Deg  and Dep11Deg.

Any ideas as to what could be going wrong with the conversion?