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How to open local Google Map Tiles

I create high resolution (2-5cm/pix) images using Agisoft Photoscan from UAVs.  My largest area is approximately 1500 acres (~6 sq km)  I had been creating tile blocks and then creating map catalogs in GM.  The problem is that working with this dataset in GM is painfully slow and prone to locking up GM.  

From Photoscan, I can export Google Map Tiles or Mapbox tiles. I understand GM doesn't support import/opening of mbtiles yet.  

So, I've been trying to work with Google Map tiles.  Photoscan creates a zip file containting folders for each zoom level and an index.html file when creating Google Map tiles. I then unzip the file.  I then go into GM and create new datasource.  I choose the "ESRI RESTful/Google Maps Tiles" option.  I then choose Select Folder and navigate to the main folder containing the zoom level folders and index.html file.  I leave png as file type and max zoom level to Level 20.  I change Native Projection of Source to Flat and edit Lat/Lon to approximate boundaries.

After doing all of this, nothing shows up on the screen.  I zoom in and out and nothing.  This is my first attempt to use Google Map tiles as an alternative to block files.

Anyone have any ideas of what I'm doing wrong or should double-check?  OR, have any suggestions on alternative ways to work with the high resolution imagery?

I'm using GM v18 on core i7-6700K (4GHz) w/ 48GB RAM and nvidia 980 video card.  Does GM not make use of all of the cores or HT?  When I watch performance in Windows Task Manager, it doesn't seem to use all of the CPU power.



  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer
    Answer ✓

    We have implemented support for importing MapBox MBTiles data sets.  This function is in Global Mapper 18 daily builds dated December 7, 2016, or later. Simply download the appropriate installer and run it to install the latest build.