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problem creating heat map

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I used to be able to create density grids (heat maps) with a layer with 57000+ points, then yesterday I began getting this message:

Unhandled exception processing command message 34587 with code 0.
Out of space trying to create grid of size 813,039,837,316,448 [19,716,473 x 10,309,144 elements of size 4.
Not enough disk space (42,863 MB) for temporary file of size 775,375,211 MB in folder C:\Users\welees\AppData\Local\Temp\GlobalMapper\
Is the drive with your temp folder (either system or override for Global Mapper) full?

Both memory allocation and temporary file allocation failed.
SmartGrid.cpp - 240
Version: v17.2.2 (64-bit)
Build Time: Jul  2 2016 05:31:25
Windows 10 Home (64-bit) Memory: 9,894,187,008 of 17,090,682,880 available, GDI Usage: 284 GDI (Peak 352), 115 User (Peak 210)

I used CC Cleaner to free up space on my computer, but it's still not working.

Thanks for any help...


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    JSL Global Mapper User Trusted User
    Whoops, just figured out the problem--I was calculating in meters instead of kilometers, which is what I'd done before.  No wonder it was having problems!