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Nad 27 to Nad 83

Hey Gang:
I am getting no change when I try to convert an XYZ file from N27 to N83!
Am I missing something?  A conversion file or something.  NTV2 file is where it is supposed to be near as I can tell.
Please let me know any thoughts.


  • Mykle
    Mykle Global Mapper User Trusted User
    When you import your data file, specify NAD-27.
    You can change your display projection to NAD_83 either before or after you import your data file(s).
    When you export the data, it will be exported with the display projection ( Tools | Configure | Projection ).
  • Yeah, No.  Did all that.  It is almost like it is suddenly not referencing the NADCON file for some reason.
    It goes through the process, it just doesn't shift the file.

    Nothing has has changed on the install.
    Happening on more that on GlobalMapper instance as well so it is not just my machine.
  • Sorry I keep saying NADCON, I am in Canada so it would be the NTV2 file.
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