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How to run GM 18 on Linux using Wine?? i have problem only with v18.. other olds versions work fine

luiscuadrado123 Global Mapper User
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I used to run GM v15, 16 and 17 in Linux using Wine without any problems... since this last version (18).

I notice that GM 18 need vcrun2012 in dependences... I install it, and the program work....but i have 2 problems:

1- when i try to use the 3Dview... it load very slowly or crash the entire globalmapper proccces.
2- eventually... when i try to do something.. like measure distance, or load a WMS services, etc... randomly the program crash.

do I need to install any other dependence like vcrun2012??

thanks for read.. sorry for my english, i speak spanish.


  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer

    First, I recommend trying the most recent daily build.  We have fixed a number of bugs and improved the performance of the 3D Viewer.  Simply download the appropriate installer and run it to install the latest build.

    The 3D Viewer had a lot of changes in version 18, and its OpenGL requirements changed. The minimum version that we support for the new changes is OpenGL 3.3. We recommend that you update your video drivers if possible.

    If your version of OpenGL is less than the requirement, we do try to function in the viewer, and it should not crash, but some features like terrain rendering and others are not available in that situation.

  • vieuxdelamontagne
    vieuxdelamontagne Global Mapper User Trusted User
    As far as I can discern, OpenGL is not something I can "download" or "upgrade". Windows insists I have the current drivers installed, but my version of OpenGL is 3.1. Do I need a new computer or graphics card to be able to use Global Mapper's 3D renderings?
  • JeffH@BMG
    JeffH@BMG Global Mapper Developer Trusted User
    Hi vieuxdelamontagne,

    I take it that your question related to running under a Windows environment, and not WINE, as with the original poster's case, right?

    With respect to the 3D viewer, what Bob said is correct: the current minimum version of OpenGL supported in Global Mapper 18 is 3.3.  In Windows, OpenGL is implemented by the drivers provided for your video card; you generally want to make sure that your video drivers are up to date; you'd need to check your video device to determine the manufacturer and model, and then find and install the appropriate drivers. But if the driver doesn't support higher OpenGL 3.3, the 3D, then our 3D Viewer will have difficulties running correctly on it. You should have received an error message indicating that.

    Can you tell us what video card you're running? You can discover this through Device Manager in the Control Panel; it would be under 'Display Adapters'.