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How do you add data to an existing Point Shapefile with attributes?

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Hello, I am trying to add data to an existing point shapefile (ColumbiaAmerica.shp). I am trying to use the digitizer tool to create the new point feature, but the new point feature I create has no attributes associated. Shouldn't it have the same point attribute fields as the parent shapefile? Am I missing something? Also, do these edits to the shapefile happen real time or do you need to export when you are done editing? Thanks, Cary


  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer
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    Global Mapper does not automatically copy attributes from the current layer when you create a new feature (though that functionality is on our task list.)  Your best bet is to Copy and Paste to make a copy of an existing feature, then edit the new feature to change the attributes.

    The edits will not be applied in real time.  You will need to export the data to change the shapefile.