Where are the downloadable water color styled base maps?

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Thank you Dave and Kat for last week's webinar on v18. Somewhere during that presentation Dave mentioned something to do with water color styled base maps from a selection in the Online Data Source to Download list; however, I've not seen it. Any pointers will be very much appreciated.

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    These are new sources using Open Street Maps data that have been designed by Stamen Maps. You will find them in Online Data under Worldwide Data> OpenStreetMaps.org (Watercolor View by Stamen.com) 

    For a quick look go to their website here: http://maps.stamen.com/watercolor/
    and you can also see their creative commons usage policy in the bottom right corner, which includes commercial usage and adaptation. 


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    Thanks Kat! They look quite intriguing as well as a welcomed soft human touch. Nice alternative from the oftentimes clinical look. I think they'll have many uses.

    FYI & FWIW - A few observations (RE: v18.0 b101316)

    1. In the main 2D Map View, tiling lines are randomly visible at differing zoom levels
    2. Adding ASTER GDEM beneath these maps shows no sign of hill shading/ relief in 2D or 3D views
    3. Various differing tiles are seen loading on top of other tiles in the 3D Viewer. Eventually things seem to settle down after a few minutes
    4. The 3D Viewer shows only limits of 2D; i.e., the perspective view isn't running to the horizon; possibly because I haven't discovered where to control this behavior?
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    Strike Item 4 above. I had incorrectly set the Select Area to Download setting in the Select Online Data Source to Download set on Current Screen Bounds instead of Entire Data Source Bounds.
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