Problem opening 3D viewer

NarenNaren Global Mapper UserPosts: 1Unconfirmed

I have downloaded recent version 18 and evaluating it. Whenever I try to open my data in 3D it gives message "OpenGL version 3.2 detected.Version 3.3 or greater is required; some features may be disabled".
I have used Version 17 previously on my same laptop. Its hardware configuration is 4 GB RAM, 1GB Graphics memory.

I am unable to understand why this happening with Version 18?

Need you help.

Narendra Parande
Pune, India


  • JeffH@BMGJeffH@BMG Global Mapper Developer Posts: 322Trusted User
    Hi Naren,

    The 3D viewer had a lot of changes in version 18, and its OpenGL requirements changed. The minimum version that we support for the new changes is OpenGL 3.3. We recommend that you update your video drivers if possible.

    If the version is less than the requirement, we do try to function in the viewer, and it should not crash, but some features like terrain rendering and others are not available in that situation. What are you experiencing?

    Best regards,


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