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Why can't I get a Geotiff from SRTM data to export correctly?

Hi GM Forum,

I registered for trial version a few days ago to evaluate the software before committing to buying. I normally use ArcGIS (for geologic applications). I am not a GIS (nor ArcGIS) expert - hence my trial of GM (for its functionality and I really like the capability so far).

Now, I loaded SRTM data and changed the LUT to greyscale, then followed the instructions on how to export to GeoTIFF (for use in ArcMap), but when previewing I see only a black square (or rectangle) of the area I exported as the output file. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I tried four times with various settings, but now cannot try anything further more because of the export limitations applied to a trial registration.

Any advice, or assistance, will be gratefully received. Thanks


  • Ellie
    Ellie Global Mapper User
    Slightly odd question: Which software are you using to preview?
  • Hi Ellie, just using Windows Photo Viewer. The preview images are just black in Explorer, but they open in GM just fine ... strangely enough. I can change the shader type, so the elevation data is there.... Wait - that was the problem! I had exported them using the 'Elevation grid' format option. When I exported it as a 'Raster/Image' format I can see it fine. 

    Thanks for responding. It kicked my brain into gear (it's full of dust - I'm in the eastern Sahara at the moment.)

  • Ellie
    Ellie Global Mapper User
    Good grief! As much lots of sun as anything...
    I did wonder as you've got a few different types of geotiff and Photo Viewer, GIMP etc don't handle the "elevation" data ones of course.
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