Global Mapper v25.0

Find polygon for extents of layer

Hi All,

I process a lot of UAV data and commonly I want to have a polygon of the extent of the data (or remaining data) I'm dealing with. From this polygon I can then clip newer data, eg grids, exports, contours, etc.

Is there a way to automatically generate a polygon boundary for a given layer. This may include XYZ points, grid, image, etc.

Thanks in advance for your help.



  • kfroese
    kfroese Geotechnical Engineer Trusted User
    Answer ✓
    Do you mean automatically like every time you open a new layer? You'd probably have to write a script for such and then run the script to open a file so that the boundary box gets generated.

    Are you familiar with BBOX? Right-click on the layer in Overlay Control Center (it's now under the submenu Layer in v18).
  • Hi kfroese,

    I've tried BBOX and that works great.

    Thanks for the tip.