When loading GM18 the menu bar is absent:

This did not happen at any time in the Beta version.   Global Mapper v1

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  • MykleMykle Global Mapper User Posts: 397
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    The menu bar can be detached into it's own floating bar.  So it can wind up elsewhere. 

    I note that when I drag the menu bar away from the top line in the main window, it becomes a floating bar, and if I move my cursor focus to another window or program, the menu floating bar is not visible.  Click on the main Global Mapper window and it reappears. 

    If the menu bar is still hiding, ensure that Global Mapper has your focus (click on the main window), then press ALT which normally highlights the "File" menu bar item. 

    Pressing Alt, then F normally displays the file menu. 

    It is a bit arcane to try to come up with keystrokes that will display something like the menu configuration dialog, but here goes (press each one in sequence): Alt, W, enter, up-arrow, enter
    If that displays the menu configuration dialog, then the menu tab has a reset button.  Note the warning if you click on it!


  • MykleMykle Global Mapper User Posts: 397Trusted User
    I see that if you double-click on the menu bar, it detaches to a floating bar, so that may be how it wandered for you. 
  • wbaderwbader Posts: 2
    This just happened to me.  Globalmapper 18.  Cannot access the menubar, thus no Help.  I did the alt, w, enter, up, enter then reset - did not fix the issue.  On the toolbars tab, I cannot check the Menu Bar back on.   I did not undock the menubar and it does not appear to be lost floating in space.  Will request a reinstall, but this is not good behaviour.
  • wbaderwbader Posts: 2
    Resinstalling GM18 did not resolve the lost Menu Bar.  Waiting on techincal support to resopond.
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