Global Mapper Mobile support for External GPS

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It was asked in a the thread about GMM, but that is now closed.  I have an ipad with no cellur connection, but have a Dual XGPS160 that connect via bluetooth quite nicely.  Almost all my mapping apps are able to use the Dual GPS, but not GMM.  When I open the app, I get an error popup that says " GPS service failed - The operation couldn't be completed (kCLErrorDomain error 1.)"  Clearly there is an issue, but the post (now closed) previous indicates people are able to do what I am attempting - is it the device specifically or some other issue that causes this?


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    Hi Dave,

    This error can be generated when the user has not granted the app permission to use the system's location services. GMM will prompt you for permission the first time it is run. After that, you have to change the permissions through the iOS system settings. Go into Settings, select Global Mapper Mobile, Location, and check Always.
  • Dave_in_EdmontonDave_in_Edmonton Global Mapper User Posts: 43Trusted User
    Thanks for that, it appears to work now!  I guess I expected the app to keep warning me (like so many do) that it needs permission to access location data.
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