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Exporting data from Global Mapper to Garmin 401


I want to create a itinerary on GM using the "Create new line" feature with several points of interest marked by means of Points and then export it into my Garmin 401 in a way that will allow to see the trace I created on GM on my GPS, along with whatever point I created.

I don't know if my question is clear or not, but I've been looking around  on the internet for at least 30 minutes and I can't find a way to make it work.

Thanks a bunch !


  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer

    You can export your data as a GPX file, then upload it to your Garmin GPS.  When you plug your GPS into the computer, it should appear as a removable drive, so when you export from GM, you ought to be able to specify that drive as the location for your output file.  A bit of Google searching suggests that you need to put it into a folder called New Files on the Garmin, but I don't know if that might be specific to a particular model.

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