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Please Remove the Google Nonsense Ads

kbellis Global Mapper UserTrusted User

For the record, I've never been interested in dating Russians or anyone else as I've been happily married for 37 years. The other randomly placed Google Nonsense ads likewise share three aspects:

  1. NONE of them are based on my interests

  2. NONE of them relate to GIS

  3. ALL of them are repugnant

How is the Global Mapper Forum doing for funding these days? I've been recently seeing these ads and I wondered. Personally, I would prefer that there were no ads, but I understand Paul Tocknell's excellent services, which we all greatly benefit from, must be compensated. If ad revenue must be sought; however, please consider advertisers that offer spatial-data-related products; for example, DigitalGlobe, MapMart, SpatialOnDemand, Intermap, etc. instead of this offensive tripe.

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