Global Mapper v24.0

GM_LoadLayerListEx in SDK 17.2 issue?

We were previously using v13 without issue. I am in the process of updating our code with 17.2. I am having issues invoking GM_LoadLayerListEx. Some data sets (.map) throw a load error whilst others load without issue:

Am I correct in assuming that given the code above If I do not provide a .prj with the .map file then GlobalMapper should adopt a default projection for the data? I can open the .map file in GM 17.2 desktop without issue however it does prompt to select a projection.


  • aaronc
    aaronc Trusted User
    I don't know if you are still seeking an answer to this question but here it is.  Your assumption should be correct.  If you are not seeing that result please let me know and I can try and figure out why it is not.
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