GeoTIFF Elevation Grid Export: round to Decimeters?

sonnysonny Global Mapper UserPosts: 29Trusted User
I want to export an Elevation Grid into GeoTIFF format, the values should be rounded to Decimeters. Therefor i choose "32 bit floating point samples" and Vertical Units=METER. The values aren't rounded to Decimters, e.g. 137.567m stays 137.567m and is not rounded to 137.6m
This is logical.
But if changing Vertical Units=Decimeter within the Export dialog, the values are not rounded to Decimeters but they are exported with a factor 10 wrong value. So the example would become 1375.67m after reimport.

I wonder, cause when acting equal and saving into Global mapper grid-format, the values *are* rounded to Decimeters.

Do you have an idea how to export decimeter-rounded values into GeoTIFF format?

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