Global Mapper v25.0

Tile Server data, rows out of order?

I'm adding data from a couple of our internal Tile Servers which contain OSM data and, as far as I know conform to the OSM folder/tile naming standards. However, when the service has been added, the rows are out of order (i.e. reversed). The columns are in the correct order. Unfortunately I'm not able to check a connection to a OSM service on the internet to check if the problem exists there too. Other services (i.e. ESRI ArcServer hosted REST services show fine), just the tile services are incorrect.

Note that this is different to the problem when you get the row and column order mixed up when specifying the service location (i.e. http://server/TileServer/TileService.svc/OpenStreetMap/{level}/{row}/{col}.png) in that case, the tiles are more garbled.

Is this a known problem? Or is there a way to force Global mapper to flip the row order for TileServices? (I'm on V17.2)