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Any chance to get more control over polygon cropping in a script?

mcsmoother Global Mapper User


I have a workflow I want to automate. It requires some selection over area features, mesh features in this case, to be able to export to polymesh (using DXF) from a TIN. I can do most of it with the scripting language now but just access to one more sub-command is all I need.

The request I have would be to add more control to cropping to polygons/areas through the script language. The GUI features I use are,  "select all area features contained within selected area", and then a sub-feature of the previous that is "select areas with centroid contained in selected area". It would be super powerful if you could add access to these commands.

In my script I would export_vector, cropping the export to a polygon crop file, but only the polygons whose centroid is in the polygon crop areas.




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