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Alternative to MapQuest Street Maps and Imagery

Been using Global Mapper for several years and always downloaded maps and imagery from MapQuest. Recently MapQuest stopped providing maps.  I've tried several other sites without success.  Does anyone know of a good alternative that works as easy as MapQuest used to???


  • I'm right there with you... haven't found any good imagery maps since MapQuest ended their service. In fact, all my attempts to connect to WMS servers have failed.

    I second the request by rmunoz2012... any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  • I often use Terra Incognita software to download imagery from different databases. You can save them with different formats that are georeferenced and easily imported in GM.
  • geomannie
    geomannie Global Mapper User Trusted User
    You can add Bing and Google images. I am not sure about using the imagery commercially but these source are a useful reference. I attach the XML files (zipped) which allow the servers to be added.