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host your google piece of map locally without internet connection( offline)

montaser Global Mapper UserTrusted User
edited May 2008 in Raster Data
Dear all ..Is there any work around to host your own small area maps with intranet network
without internet connection ( offline )?
I walked up with the tutorial by global flyer and ended up with the html google page..
I want it to be hosted by Ms IIS on my local network.
i've edit the exported html google with notepad and i've seen there is link to to retrieve maps and the same time it uses google api which is not located in your plz help!


  • SeerBlue
    SeerBlue Global Mapper User
    edited May 2008
    No, you can't view the map without an internet connection, as the API fetches the tiles from your location/computer to add a layer/overlay them within Google Maps and then returns them to you. SeerBlue
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