combining to an intermediate huge map

Hi support

I'm producing slippy map tiles from original USRP products.
The USRP input set is a bunch of CDs with several region all
over Europe. They do not overlap and most of the time they
do not even stitch.

When I convert it CD by CD I get the slippy map tiles but for
lower zoom levels a tile produced from either CD1 or CD2.
Not a problem raised by GlobalMapper but the useful part
from the other CD is not catched or overwritten to the .png.

What I need seems to be an intermediate step combining
all USRP products to one super map and then start procuding
the tiles out of this single, complete one.

The CDs have in total 40GB. So my question is how to approach
building a single huge map and give it as input to the slippy
map creator?

Thanks for any link how to do this
Wolfgang R.

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