Global Mapper v25.0

Map Legend question


I was wondering if it was possible to change the label on the Map Legend for Iso-Height Area (Area Contours created by GM) ??

I saw it was possible to add a color palette and change the label. But I have created Area Contours, and I need to get the associated legend.
Unfortunately I just obtained this automatic label "Iso-height Area", and I can't find where I can change this label (for the Height values associated to each colors).
Because the Palette Set up doesn't seem to correspond to the Palette associated to my Area Contours....

I also tried all the "Label Vector Types By", but none of them give me the height values..
Someone have an idea/solution ?




  • Find a solution !!!

    If someone is interesting to know how to do it, I just select in the Workspace Layout Editor/ Map Legend/ Label vector Types By " Feature layer Name".

    In my Overlay Control Center, I just Split my contours Area layer by Feature Name, and it automatically add the Heigh values associated.