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opening point cloud

hie.l have a point cloud created from agisoft and l want edit it in erdas imagine 2014 but l am failing to load it in ERDAS it gives me an error msge unrecognized file version. however l opened it with global mapper to export the las file in global mapper so that l can open it in ERDAS its still giving me the same error message. the other time l was told to specify the file version which l am not sure of and l used 1,4 and it worked but now it seems its not working again the error msge is comming up again. if you can help me would greatly appreciate it, attached is a sample of the point cloud


  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer

    Perhaps you should get in touch with ERDAS Imagine support people to find out what version of LAS their program expects.


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