Global Mapper v24.0

Color matching....

The ability to color match (histogram matching) imagery tiles would be awesome!


  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer

    Please provide more details about what you are looking for.  Is this a way to compare two different images, or is it something different.


  • Yes it is a way to compare images and adjust one to match the other. It can be applied to an entire mosaic of images so that you get a consistent color throughout the mosaic. While you do already provide some excellent raster color correction options it is difficult to implement that across the entire mosaic i.e. whatever shift is caused by changing the color balance is going to shift across the entire mosaic. Using histogram color matching (or other alternatives) adjusts all the imagery/tiles back to a "target" tone or histogram. A much more desirable outcome. If you go into Photoshop and look at the Match Color option, you will get an idea of how it works. There is also a free color matching plugin called Metrix that does an even better job than Photoshop's own method. I am currently doing it using Photoshop batch automation and getting a pretty good result. Would be nice if "you/Global Mapper" could take that extra step out of my workflow. :-)

  • Was this functionality ever introduced?

    I have two images (different GSD) of the same area.. I want the colors to match between the two images. Could a histogram function be performed so that one image's colors can be adjusted to be closer to the second other?

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