Lidar Color from Images Batch & Scripting

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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to apply color to a folder of lidar files, using Geotiff files which are already opened in GM. 

This is the script that I've written to do that:



   DIRECTORY=E:\Test_GM_Color\Las_WOC \


   FILENAME="E:\Test_GM_Color\Las_WC\%FNAME_WO_EXT%.las" \




Unfortunately the script isn't working properly, it assign one color value for every point and ignore the color values from the images that I have opened in the GM.
The same thing happens if I use Batch/Convert tool, exactly the same. I import Type Lidar, Export Lidar from 3D Vector and choose the option "Apply color from Loaded Imagery to Lidar". The result: Lidar Pt Cloud all Blue! RGB constant for every point.

However if I open/import the las files into GM, instead of running them throw the batch or the script, and use the tool Apply Color to Lidar Pts, this time it colors the Lidar correctly. 

Can anyone test this if the result is the same?


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