why do i get different drainage and watershed results every time i retry ?

hi, i want to delimit the watershed at a specific point so i can calculate its area and the flow debit later , but every time i create almost the same area around the specified point and after downloading world image and SRTM .. i keep getting different results for the watershed surface,allure and proprieties. Your help would be really great and needed 


  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 1,936

    I recommend that you send an e-mail describing your workflow and the results, with a copy of your sample data, to Blue Marble Geographics support (geohelp@bluemarblegeo.com).  Please include details of the parameters you are using to generate your watershed (a screen capture of the options dialog would be appropriate.)  This will ensure that the support team sees the problem and can provide you with a timely response.  Thank you.


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