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Is there a new method for getting projection strings?

dcoggin Global Mapper UserTrusted User
Just switched to SDK 17.2 and noticed there's no ProjectionStrings.h.  Is there another way to convert projection strings to text?



  • aaronc
    aaronc Trusted User
    edited June 2016
    Hello, I'm not sure what version you switched from but all of the functions should be found in the GlobalMapperInterface*.h (Most of them are in the base header file GlobalMapperInterface.h)

    I believe the function you are looking for is GM_SaveProjectionToString() in GlobalMapperInterface.h

    EDIT: as an added note ProjectionTypes.h contains the definitions that you will need.

    If you are missing any of the files please let me know.

    Is that what you are looking for?
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