Global Mapper v25.0

Path Profile Spacing Setup - Specify Sample Count / Spacing Distance.

yianni Global Mapper UserTrusted User

why is is that when I specify the spacing setup for a profile to be extracted, it is never extracted in the exact same spacing as defined?

for instance when I define sample elevations at a fixed distance of 100m spacing the first measurement is at 0 (at the start obviously) but then it will be something like 99.729m after that and then at 199.73m, .... , 897.55m and so on but never on the 100m mark. (100,200,..., 900 etc)

I am careful not to tick the "keep all original vertices" box as well.

I have noticed that the same takes place when I define smaller sample spacing (i.e. at every 1m, or 5m) they are never round numbers after a while.

Thanks for your help!