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Scaling down CAD drawings

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Hi all,

sometimes I receive a lay out of something, in an AutoCAD format and it might happen to be in mm.

Global Mapper is good at reading layouts and loading them to scale as long as the drawing is scaled in meters. If it is in millimeters the software still thinks the DWG is in meters and thus the drawing file (DWG) is scaled up in GM. (a 65,000mm x 65,000 mm square pad should be at 65m but it becomes a 65km pad after loading it onto GM...) 

Is there a way to introduce a step when loading DWG files where we define the scale at which the file is in? or change it after it has been loaded? Then I will not have to go back to whichever source and ask them to scale it up to meters for me.




  • bmg_bob
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    When you load your DWG file, you should be prompted to select the projection for the data.  On that screen, change the Planar Units to MILLIMETERS.

    If your data is already loaded, you can do the same thing on the Projection tab of the Configuration window.


  • yianni
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    good one thanks!