Need help with geo referensing and merging mosaic

Hi ,
I just downloaded the trial version of the global mapper.

I used Pix4d to process aerial imagery and generate DSM and Orthomosiac - It is build using georeference  images.

These mosaic is from different mission or connected area.

What i am trying to do is merge the the mosaic and DEM.

Issues that i am facing the - after merging , the images are not merging properly and is misaligned although all images were taken almost in same day and at sameheight.

Each mosiac has atleast 10- 20% overlap for each connected area mission.

Also i am trying to georeference the image.

Would it be possible for you to point me if there are any tutorials present or who this could be acheived.

Also - I am ontrial version and tried exporting the images couple of time - for testing and now it saystrial expired formaximum number of exports.

Thanks in advance for your help.


  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,093

    We have a recorded Raster Processing webinar that covers the topic of georeferencing an image.  If you contact Blue Marble Geographics Support via e-mail (, they may be able to set you up with a temporary license to help you get around the export limits in the trial.


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