Crop polygons lost during generation of map catalog

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Hi there,

In a GIS I am using many raster files of size 50-150 Mb once compressed in ecw (1 to 4 Gb each when uncompressed), and it took a lot of time for the gmw file to load (20 min). I had the good idea to include them in map catalogs so that the gmw file now opens in 20 seconds. But all the images which I had cropped using  polygons are not cropped anymore, and I don't see any option in the map catalog to crop them again. I could of course transform all of them to png or tif to have a transparent layer defined. But it would increase the used hard drive space by one order.... is there any other option?

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  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,093
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    You can export the cropped images as ECW files, then make a catalog using the cropped image files instead of the original files.


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