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Create random sampling points that are not within existing area features

Corsabrin Global Mapper User
Hi guys, I have a set of area features created. Now, I want to create the same number of point features randomly, but not within the existing area features. Can this be done in GM? I'm using GM 16.

Thanks all



  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer
    Answer ✓

    Here is a suggested workflow:
    1. Create an area feature for the full bounds of your data, putting it in a new layer.  
    2. Select your area features, the copy and paste them into the layer you created in step 1.
    3. Hide all layers except for the new layer.
    4. Select the areas, right-click and choose Crop/Combine/Split Functions | Cut Selected Area(s) from All Overlapping Areas (Create Islands).
    5. When prompted, check the new layer and click OK.
    6. Now you have one large area with islands for your features.
    7. Select the area representing your full bounds, right-click and choose Advanced Feature Creation Options | Create Randomly Distributed Points Within Selected Area Features(s).
    8. On the Generate Randomly Distributed Points screen, enter the number of points.  Be sure that there is not a check next to "Generate points in selected islands". Click OK.
    9. You should now have randomly distributed points outside of your areas.
    10. You can hide or unload the new layer you created, if desired.

  • Corsabrin
    Corsabrin Global Mapper User
    Thanks Bob, that workflow is concise.