Global Mapper v25.0

Classify point cloud by color

I am a long time Global Mapper user but new to Version 17 and the LiDAR module.

We are looking ways to classify point clouds created with drone based photogrammetry. 

I would like to be able to classify points according to colour.... the long way to achieve this would be to complete a series of RGB value searches to refine my selection to a specific spectrum.

The problem with this is that I need to know the range of RGB values in advance.
What would be nice would be able to select a point and a "tolerance" to find points of "similar" color. 

I haven't been able to find this functionality yet?
Am I missing something here??
If it's not currently part of GM, has anyone written a script that does something similar?? 


  • TRB426
    TRB426 Global Mapper User
    I too would like to classify by color.
    In a related question, I would like to remove points based on color. In the Filter points option in auto classification, I see a way to keep points with certain color values. How can I do the reverse?
  • imagecatcher
    imagecatcher Global Mapper User
    As another uav operator doing Photogrammetry, this is very interesting.  Has it been implemented?

  • coelodonta
    coelodonta Global Mapper User
    me too. 

  • I just saw a video that shows where Terrascan is doing this. Is Global Mapper able to do this too? In regards to classifying ground points, it would be great to use the NDVI values when processing a point cloud from photogrammetry to remove low laying vegetation.