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seismic data (segy files, chirp and pinger)

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Hi all,

I was given a fair amount of seismic data (sgy) and except from loading as points on GM is there anything else funky that I can do with them? can I combine them and create something visually presentable etc? Its not the type of data that I usually work with and I understand that the info that they provide is supposed to extend "underground".

I run GM16.2 with LiDAR (I was wondering if the LiDAR module could come in handy as well).

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks all



  • Hi Yianni, 
    I don't have an answer but I'm commenting to bring this back to the top of discussions.  I'd like to hear what other GM users have to say.  
  • geomannie
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    Hi Folks,

    Apart from loading location, IMHO there is almost nothing that you can do with SEGY data in GM. The whole point about SEGY is the seismic information in the Z direction (i.e. underground) and GM cannot display other than a simple height/depth Z value. However, I am happy to be corrected. If you want to delve under the hood of SEGY, here is the format descriptor in all its complexity and Resources/Technical Standards/seg_y_rev1.pdf.

    If you do fancy getting down and dirty with SEGY data, most of the software is very expensive,  OpendTect provide a free version of seimic software I have not used it myself but I know of others who do.

    If you simply want to view the sismic, free viewers are available, e.g.