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multi-directional hillshade setting and method for color (see sample)

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Hello everyone, I have a bit of confusion about generating Elevation Tinted Hillshade, online find many directions but none of these appears to me very clear.I would like to create a beautiful Elevation Tinted Hillshade to use as background for a hiking map scale to 25,000.
to give you an idea to get a result like this:

As a starting point I have a basic 5-meter resolution DEM .
I will try to list all my doubts, I apologize in advance for my English.
In globalmapper:
1) multi-directional hillshade : tools/configure/ vertical option Daylight shader with enable hill shading ;in light direction what I put in. altitude? Azimuth? and use multille light sources number? Shader Option Tabs: Surface color : gray or white? Vertical exaggeration factor  ?other indications?
I attach a screenshot of a test carried out with these settings : altitude60/animith 225/multiple light sources 4/vertical exaggeration 1/daylight shader shader color white [IMG][/IMG]  
to me it seems less contrasty, and more flat than the other multi-directional hillshade that I have seen on the net , this for example: [IMG][/IMG]
2) Slope shader, Here I must leave the same settings for the generation of daylight shader?
3) What should I use to color, to get a map like the one I linked? an isometric hues profile? a colored geological map?some indication in this regard?
4) with such overlapping methods have to combine everything photoshop to get the finished background.

I think I overdid it a bit with the questions, but also partial answers will be very helpful

thank you

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