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Need help with - GRID - Create regular grid of user specified size/orientation

gguy Global Mapper UserTrusted User
Normally I use LiDAR data for my projects. I open my data, open my satellite image and then create a GRID and export both raster and elevation data via crop to selection (my grid). Normally I set my grid to (say 2000 meters x 2000 meters) and my grid is displayed perfectly square. For this project I do not have LiDAR available so I have to use the USGS 1/3 arc second stuff (I believe the projection was Lattitude/Longitude - NAD83 - ARC DEGREES). I think that is what's throwing me off. Is the projection being in ARC DEGREES keeping my grid from being perfectly square? I tried to export a raster image jpg really quick to see if it was just a display thing but the image when opening in Photoshop was not square either. How can I fix this? I need my grid along with my exported imagery and elevations to be perfectly square. I tried to change the projection but then my elevation layer gets moved somewhere or disappears completely from view.

Thanks for the help.  


  • Mykle
    Mykle Global Mapper User Trusted User
    You should be able to keep your INPUT DATA projection the same, and change your DISPLAY projection to something more familiar to you, like UTM.  Then set up your grid. 
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