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creating a .map WasP contour map

I was assigned a project to design a wind farm in an area of Spain using WasP. however, I don't really know how to create the contour map file (.map) to export it to WasP. I was told to use Global Mapper and select the option to generate contour lines and then export as a vector map in wasp format. This information doesn't really get me anywhere since I don't have past experience with GM. Is there some further assistance anyone can contribute?
Thank you


  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer

    Blue Marble Geographics has a series of recorded webinars that go over the various functional areas in Global Mapper.  Some of the ones that sound like they might be of interest to you for your project are:

    Getting Started with Global Mapper (includes importing and exporting data)
    Working with Terrain Data in Global Mapper (includes contour generation)

    They may not use the most recent version of Global Mapper, but the information they provide is still relevant.


  • Hello,
    I already did the contour map by importing a kml file from google earth and then using the create contour option, then i export it to WasP .map file, however when I open it in wasp it says that the location is incorrect, do I need to georeference my .map file? If yes, how can I do so?