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selebetsselebets Global Mapper UserPosts: 25Trusted User

Did GM support for BIM feature in Autodesk FBX format?


  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,003

    We currently have an open feature request to add support for Autodesk FBX, but it is not currently scheduled for implementation.  I have added your information to the feature request, and we will post a message on this thread when the status of the request changes.

    What is a BIM feature?


  • selebetsselebets Global Mapper User Posts: 25Trusted User
    I mean the BIM layer. 3D object from CAD.. Normally the BIM layer/object from CAD will be  expoted as FBX.
  • Import and Export of Autodesk Filmbox FBX format is included in Global Mapper v18.1, which will be released shortly. Or you can check it out today with the daily build: http://data.bluemarblegeo.com/downloads/global-mapper/dailybuilds/
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