DEM/DSM generated from LiDAR point clouds


Hi All,


I have a general question and looking forward a favorable response.


For my experiments, I have been received few .adf files corresponding to DSM and DEM having 1m resolution. It is said that these products were generated using classified ground LiDAR points. But I don’t have any information or files relevant to break lines.


I feel that the data processor has generated the DEMs without creating break-lines. Do you think that this is a correct feeling? If he has created the break-lines do you think does he should produce this product with the DEMs? (Asking what is happening commercially in the world to know the situation)


I want to know without break-lines, can someone generate accurate DEMs/DSMs?


If the data processing person had used the break-lines for DEM generation, then does the accuracy of DEM/DSM is better than those that produce without break-lines?


My last question is, since I have the classified ground LiDAR and also .adf DEMs, can I improve the accuracy by myself? For that what should I do? Using which software? How can I do this with Global Mapper?



  • NatsNats Posts: 22
    Without using break lines generating DEM sounds crazy, before generating the DEM break lines are mandatory to generate and  to avoid Bad Triangulation's in the data. use terra scan and filter ground and then generate.
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