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Hi I'm trying to read a GeoPDF (published by the FAA) with the goal of reprojecting it to web mercator auxilliary sphere on the fly before exporting it as a Geotiff. I've attached the file. With this file, the annotation text is not coming in properly in GM. If you view the PDF with adobe acrobat, no problem with text. I've also used ArcGIS to convert from GeoPDF to TIFF and no problem with text. Not sure if there is a custom decryption on the text layer(s) that GM is not recognizing or if a specific font is not being properly identified? Any help is greatly appreciated.



  • I've just check different versions of Global Mapper on the same computer. Version 16 and 17 do not display the annotation correctly. However, version 15 DOES display the annotation just fine. We can use v15 as a stop gap, but it would be great to understand why the data is not displayed properly in the latest software versions. Thx.
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    I am running into the same problem with a Geo pdf mapbook that I created in 10.2. I am running GM17 and it will not import the GeoPDF label/annotation layer properly. It scrambles the text. Have you come up with any kind of a solution? or has Global Mapper contacted you?
  • avellasavellas Posts: 1
    We are having the exact same issues where the Zurich fonts embedded in a GeoPDF file are being displayed properly with V15.2 but not with V17.2.

    Will someone from technical support please comment on this topic ASAP?
  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,180

    In Global Mapper 17, there were two options for rendering PDF data during import. The rendering engine in use was changed based on the check state of the "Use Faster Draw Engine that May Not Support Some Styles" option on the PDF Options screen. Make sure you try loading your file with that option checked and unchecked.

    The PDF rendering engine has been significantly upgraded since Global Mapper 17.2 was released, the changes fixed several problems related to fonts, etc. when importing a PDF file. In order to take advantage of these improvements, you will need to upgrade to the latest version, Global Mapper 20.1. You can download this version and get a trial license to see if it fixes your import problem.

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