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How to link a text file to a location in GM

I am relatively new on GM. I have limited knowledge of the functions. So here goes.

Often I download a pdf or a word doc. This file has some reference (a discussion or a statement made) about a specific location.
I would like to create a layer where I can place a symbol (eg dot) on the location. Then link this dot to the file for further reading (it could be in a sub-directory of the project).
Any thoughts and help to get me there will be appreciated.


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  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer
    Accepted Answer

    When you create a point feature, you can add a file link to the point (or any other feature):
    1. Draw your feature using the Digitizer.
    2. When the drawing is complete,  you will see the Modify Feature Info window.
    3. In the Feature Attributes section, click the Add File Link(s)... button.
    4. Use the resulting File Open dialog to browse to the file you want to add as a link, and click Open.
    5. After making any other changes you want, Click OK.
    6. To see the file, click on the feature using the File Information tool.  Global Mapper will ask whether you want to display the linked file or the regular Feature Info window.

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