Global Mapper v25.0

Working with Pix4D

I have just purchased GM and I'm going through initial training. A lot to absorb. Although there are many uses I plan on taking advantage of, printing maps and orthomosaics on a large format printer created with Pix4D is one of the major tasks I need in this software. Pix4D creates  orthomosaics with georefferenced images and stitches these overlapped images together to make point clouds and orthos. The output files are generally 3 or more TIF files that need to be merged to get an entire print ready orthomosaic. Can GM do this?


  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer

    After you load the separate TIF files, simply export a single, combined output to your desired output format using the File | Export | Export Raster Format... function.